Friday, August 5, 2011

Game Room Theme

When I taught fourth grade eMINTS, I went a little over the top with games. I was inspired by homeworkopoly. My favorite thing was my Monopoly Board. Again, I had to post those MAP terms so I thought of posting them as the Monopoly properties. I found the clip art here: I took Monopoly money and taped it into strips and laminated it for my border. I made little goodie bags with candy from Oriental Trading, and I made the bookmark using the images from the Monopoly site. I found a Scrabble font online to make my word wall. I used a twister game from a garage sale for my hallway display. I have gotten a lot of my ideas from Proteacher blogs. Hope you enjoy the pictures below!


Team Nielson's Newstand said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Monopoly reading signs above your white board. Can you tell me what all of them say? Did you make them? Would you be willing to share?

Katie Shininger said...

Thanks so much! They were the terms that were used in our state test the MAP (Missouri). We had to have them posted in our room. I would love to share them! I'll post a PDF when I have time, but I'll send them sooner if you give me your email address. :-) I'll send you the PDF and the word doc.

Katie Shininger said...

I've posted the Monopoly signs and bookmarks on a new post:

Unknown said...

I love your room! Would you mind sharing the pattern for the sorry game pieces on your whiteboard? Thanks. My email is

Katie Shininger said...

Hi Celia,
Thanks so much. I've moved to K and have a totally different theme now. I'm sorry. I drew it by hand and I gave the students' their pieces at the end of the year. :-( I can try to draw it for you again, but it won't be clip art, just a scanned page. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

I just came across your site. Would you mind sharing your terms with me as well that were used on your state test? I absolutely love your room and all of your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

Katie Shininger said...

Thanks, Sandy!
You can download some freebies here:

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!

Just looking at your pictures of your room. I love your whole room! :) I am just about done with student teaching. I would love if you could share some of your templates with me. I would love to incorporate it in my room someday! :)

my email is


Anonymous said...

Des idées sympas, les enfants s'amusent!