Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Jean...LIVE!

Wednesday I was out at a conference seeing the one, the only: Dr. Jean!  She is such an inspiration for Kindergarten and Pre-K teachers everywhere!  I loved her before and even more now!  I scouted out her conference over the summer and couldn't wait to go!  I learned so much stuff and of course spent more money on another CD and DVD! (They were discounted though so why not!?)  I also am not as musically talented as her so I need her to help me in the classroom.  We already sing a bunch of her songs now and the cheers I've used since I taught 5th grade are from her as well. (Yes, even my 5th graders liked them!)  Our favorite song is "Who Let the Letters Out?"  Some teachers from the Washington School District told me last year they have the students make up a motion for each letter. The kids love it.  On Wednesday, it was so surreal to see the face that matches the voice right there!  I was pretty excited because I also got to pass on some information to her! She had never heard of Chris Biffle with Whole Brain Teaching.  I know she will love all of the work and resources he provides. Check out Dr. Jean here and her blog here.  She has tons of FREE ideas and resources.  She is a big believer in FREE!!! Here's a picture of me with her!

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