Friday, December 9, 2011

Our Dynamite Principal and Other Highlights of Our Week!

Today was such an exciting day!  Our principal, Mrs. Basler, doesn't always receive as much credit as she should.  She recently has finished two of her goals she has set out to accomplish.  She just finished her L.A.C.E training which helps her to know how to improve the character in our school.  She also completed our lengthy school of character application.  To celebrate her training and everything she does, we held a surprise assembly for her!  She had NO idea what was going on! When she came in Mrs. Pope played "Pomp and Circumstance" and we had her put on a graduation gown!  She was showered with gifts and great talks about her.  Our class put together a class book where each student completed the sentence, "You are..."  The title of the book was called "Mrs. Basler, You are Dynamite!"  I also had rolos wrapped to look like dynamite to give her.  It was so great to honor her, and she is so very deserving of it!
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Albert is back in action in our classroom!  This time he got the Grinch and Frosty involved! Check out what they were up to below.  We wrote about it in our journals. 

This morning I was so surprised when two of my students brought me in gifts! ALREADY! I don't know how some of these moms are so on the ball! I have to say they were some of the best gifts I have gotten!  I received oreo and cookie dough balls... need I say more?! AND homemade jam! My husband is THRILLED! :-) I'm trying to save the balls so I can savor them, but it's so hard!
The other gift I received was a school supplies cake!  I saw these on Pinterest and thought they were so cute!!  I'm going to have a very hard time tearing it down to use the supplies because it's so cute!! Check it out below!

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