Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Someone's Watching!

That's right! Santa is watching to see who is naughty or nice and this year he has an extra special helper, ALBERT! I'm sure if you are a parent in my class you have heard of our new visitor the elf, Albert!  He is an Elf on a Shelf and has decided to come watch the boys and girls in my classroom.  We also will be writing in our Elf Journal, he will leave Blue Jay slips, and we will be writing letters to him later.  It all started one day when he appeared in our Christmas tree!  The next day he was riding one of the motorcycles in our room!  Today we caught him hanging from a Christmas decoration in our room!  One of my favorite parts of this is that we are trying to work on character with Albert.  Since we were the only class that had an elf, the class decided to write Santa a note so Albert would visit the other classes! WHO KNEW?! IT WORKED! :-D He has been popping into the other classes as well.  Check out our pictures of the kids with their journals and of Albert. I got the idea for the journal here.

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Amy Blythe said...

I love coming to your room to find Albert!