Thursday, December 15, 2011

Donors Choose

Ladies and gentlemen, we are live! Our Donors Choose project, that is!  It is up and running!  See it HERE!! 

After much debate, I finally choose the Tag Readers and books for our Donors Choose project.  These School Tag Readers will be an excellent activity to do during our new Daily 5 time as well as free choice time.  A Tag Reader is a special pen that will read stories to children.  I am so excited about these and I know our students would LOVE them!!!  Check it out here.

Another reason why I chose these for our classroom is that I had something similar when I was growing up.  I had a Teach Me Reader.  The Tag Readers are much more advanced obviously, but the Teach Me Reader was definitely pretty cool back in the 80's! I vividly remember touching the words to hear the story.  I'll never forget when it finally clicked for me, and I could read the words on my own! When I was thinking about these, I called my mom and she still has mine down in the basement! I'll have to save that one for AJ if it still works, but I actually found a picture of one online!  I hope our students can have the same experience I had by using these Tag Readers.  So go check out our project!! Tell everyone about it! The more people that know the more donations we could get!

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