Saturday, November 19, 2011

Writing Offices

The students and I are loving one of our new centers.  It's Candy Land! Don't worry it's Sight Word Candy Land!  I found the idea of course on Pinterest and totally lucked out because I bought a Candy Land rug game at a garage sale two summers ago.  I asked my fantastic parent volunteer to make the cards and POOF! What a fun way to practice sight words!  I know other teachers have done letters/sounds with it also.  You could do so many different things with this!  I found the idea here

I'm so excited about another new center.  It's "Writing Offices."  Each student has their own notebook to practice writing sentences.  Later I want to open it up to writing letters, postcards, books, etc.  Each writing office has an ABC Chart, our writing check list, sentence starters, and sight words.  The students were so excited about using the "offices."  Another fun thing I added this year was our spaceman sticks.  I saw this idea in a catalog you could order sticks shaped as spacemen so I created my own to put on Avery address labels!  Get them here!  The kids love when I purposely leave out a space on my Promethean Board and we say, "Have no fear! Spaceman is here!"

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library momma said...

This is such a cute idea. It makes me want to be in the classroom again!