Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Activities

GREAT NEWS!  Our school of character application was reviewed, and we are receiving a site visit on February 2nd!  I can't wait for our students to show what great character they display. 

We have had a fun filled week of winter activities.  My favorite is definitely the snow globes.  After reading Snomen at Night, we discussed all of the fun things you could do in the snow.  We then wrote what they would like to do if they LIVED in a snow globe! Check out some of the projects below.  I got the idea for these from Mrs. Jump and the Craft Elf.  I usually worry about the kids spilling the glitter, but this time it was me! I didn't seal one of the globes just right and was covered with glitter!  Luckily our custodian is very forgiving! :-) The snow globes turned out GREAT though!  We were able to hang them on Mrs. Basler's board since we are the Spotlight Classroom!

This week, we did another little craft.  I guess I'm feeling brave because I was a little worried how messy this one would get.  The kids were perfect though! I didn't have the slightest mess... even from me! :-) I mixed shaving cream and glue to make "snow".  It dries puffy!  (I'm sorry it's hard to tell in the picture.)  I found the idea here. We did this activity after reading the book, The Biggest, Best Snowman.  This illustrated our writing, "My snowman is the best because...."  We are working on "It is..." sentences so this was perfect.

Get the paper here or click the image below. 

The third activity we did was with Jan Brett's book, The Mitten.  I got lots of great ideas from Jan Brett's website, What the Teacher Wants' great freebie, and Swamp Frog.  I had students retell the story using the Jan Brett masks.  We then graphed our favorite character on a pictograph.  Next we made our own mitten out of a white paper bag and added a thumb.  I used Jan Brett's character sheet for the students to retell it to their parents.  I included a summary for the parents to help their children with retelling it.  Lastly we created our own character to crawl into the mitten.  Check out the pictures below.  (I apologize for the quality of the pictures!)

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