Friday, November 4, 2011

50th Day!

Our 50th day ROCKED!  We celebrated by stepping back into the 50's! My mom was so great and even made me my very own poodle skirt!! We first learned all about how life was different back in the 50's than today. We compared and contrasted kids today with kids in the 50's using a Venn Diagram. We also did several math activities such as making 50 tallies, making a necklace with 50 Fruit Loops, and measuring the circumference of a 45 and a 33 record. One of the best activities was eating a popular treat from the 50's which is just as good today! We enjoyed orange soda floats with one of our student's very own soda company, Ozark Mountain Bottleworks! Check out their website here. The soda was DELICIOUS!! We also created books that show the steps to make these orange floats! We had a sock hop to listen to REAL records and hula-hoop! One of our grandparents even made a car for a picture prop! She did a FANTASTIC JOB! I sure have outstanding families to work with!!!  I got a ton of ideas online from Deanna Jump, Cara Carroll, and Erin Eberhart and our other great teachers in our building.

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I made these for my kids to take home as a memento of the day! My husband is a huge fan of records especially since we have our very own jukebox (70's style) in our basement. This is a great use for all of those old records we don't use! :-) He was nice enough to let me have some!

We also graphed our favorite activity.  Grab the free activity below! 


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Erin Eberhart said...

Super cute...looks like you all had SO MUCH fun! :) Thanks for sharing.