Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shapes, Class Books, Creative Parents, and More!

What another great week! Sure enough Zero the Hero made another stop to our classroom since we hit 20 days of school. I think he'll be stopping by when we hit 30 days! We can't wait to see what he leaves then! Here's a picture of two students with the treat he left.

This week we continued to work on shapes and enjoyed crackers shaped as a circle, rectangle, and triangle. See if you can find these shapes in your home.

I have been pretty impressed with my parents this year! I've had two students bring in snacks that incorporate learning! Check out these Rice Kripies with sight words on them! The students had to tell me the sight word before they could eat the snack! I love it!

This year we have already made three class books and I can't wait to make more with my students. I've gotten some great ideas from Peace, Love and Learning, and Chalk Talk. (I've covered up student pictures.)
Here they are:

Mrs. Shininger's Class Gets Ready for Kindergarten:

How Many Letters Are in Your Name?

My favorite: Who Took the Cookie?

While working on the letter F, we made fish with our hand print. We were able to work on writing the sight words, "I" and "a", as well as writing our color words. They turned out so cute! I found inspiration for this here.

Thanks for checking out what we are doing in Kindergarten! Have a great week!

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