Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bubble Gum Stretch

In our Pathways curriculum, we have our students stretch out words to hear the different sounds. We call this a bubble gum stretch. The kids love it! I tell them to "Pop the bubble gum in their mouth and chew it up to make it nice and stretchy!" They then act like they are holding a piece of it and pulling it out of their mouth as they stretch the word. Once we are done stretching the word, the students pop the "gum" back in their mouth and say the word. I also tell them to stretch it slowly otherwise their gum will break! We do this at whole group time, but at small group time, that's were it gets really fun! I let the students stretch our play gum or Silly Putty! So feel free to practice at home stretching words such as bat, mat, van, fan... Here are some of my students stretching out their words.

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