Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Expanding Our Audience

Following along with the Lucy Calkins Writing Series, we have been continued writing to solve a problem we see.  We read several books from the Why Should I? series such as Why Should I Share? and Why Should I Listen?

These books helped students to see how they could turn their persuasive letters and posters into books.  I have been so impressed with the students' persuasive writing. I have a few students who are just dieing to read it to Mrs. Basler, our principal.  She videotaped one of our students, Sophia, and shared it with the entire school so other students could be persuaded by her! Here is the video she took.  I'm so proud of this student with her writing and also the level of character she displays.  I can't wait to post more pictures of other student work soon! We will be posting our writings around school to persuade others to solve some of the problems we see.

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