Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Can you persuade the teacher?

This week we began our persuasive writing unit. We first started reading the book, Hey Little Ant. The students enjoyed this book quite a bit.  It's about a boy and whether or not he should step on an ant. Of course, I had a student tell me there was an ant on me and when I went to look she yelled, "April fools!" She totally got me! Let's just say after that I had several "ants" appearing throughout the day! :) 
Our next persuasive writing was a lot of fun. I got the idea from this blog:
I asked the students if they thought I should give them a cookie before lunch. They then had to write a letter trying to persuade me one way or the other.  Some were pretty convincing, and I feel for all those parents who hear their pleas every day as they are pretty good! :)  Check out some of the writings and the charts we used below:

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