Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dental Fun 2013

I have to first apologize for not blogging more.  It's sad to see the last date that I posted!  Hopefully you will enjoy these photos from some of the fun dental activities we did this week!  We have learned about keeping our teeth clean and sparkling from several nonfiction books about teeth.  We even read a fun book about what it would be like if we had animal teeth.  

The students loved our "egg-periment" where we pretended the eggs were our teeth.  The shell was like the enamel on our teeth.  We observed what would happens if we drink soda and juice and do not brush our teeth!   

We also saw how flossing can help keep our teeth clean by flossing play-dough out of a large lego! It
lot of fun! 

The students also loved teeth craft made out of marshmallows and writing.  


 Here is one of the student's facts about teeth and diagram of a tooth. 

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