Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grandparents' Day, Homecoming, and Our Principal Taped to a Wall???

I'm sorry to say I haven't been able to post a lot this year so this is going to be one giant post!  We have already done so many fantastic things this year.
I can't wait to share some of them with you.  The first was Grandparents' Day.  This year was a huge hit and we had so many grandparents attend.  They were all so caring and even "adopted" those students who didn't have a grandparent attend.  You can watch the video we showed on an earlier post. The students had a blast!
Here is NEW, UPDATED slide show that should have every student in it! 
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We just celebrated our very first homecoming!  The students were very excited to see the parade especially when the Grand Marshals were Mr. and Mrs. Blaha!  We were so thankful that the rain stopped just in time!  Check out the students showing their Blue Jay pride and some of the floats below!

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You probably have already heard of Zero the Hero by now.  Here are a few students with the treat he left us on the 20th day of school!  He leaves us treats shaped like a zero every ten days of school!

Yesterday the students started selling for our PTO Fundraiser.  Last year we sold over $4000 so Mrs. Basler was taped to the wall when the students left the assembly.  This year our goal will be over $5000.  If we reach it, Mrs. Basler will have to move her office to the roof!! Check out the pictures below!  She is such a good sport! :-)

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