Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

We have been busy with several spring activities in my classroom.  From planting to writing about rainy days to egg hunts!  To start off, one of our writing assessments this quarter is to write about rainy days.  I found this little crafty art idea here.  The students loved using cray-pas to draw their picture.  To make the raincoats I used laminated yellow paper.  When they were done, they looked so CUTE!! The students' writing turned out so excellent as well!

We also did some plant activities with our Treasures series.  One of my favorite activities as a child was picking those white, lacy wildflowers at my grandparents' farm and putting them in food coloring to watch them change colors.  When I found this activity here I knew I had to do it!  We used carnations, but you can even use celery!! We did that when I was in grade school.  That's so neat because you can also cut the stem and really see the "tubes" that take the food coloring up to the top of the plant.

Our spring party was also a HUGE hit!!! These parents, I have, ROCK!  (Yes, I hope you are reading this!!) :-)   Each student was able to decorate their own pot and plant a flower!  I had everything donated which was amazing!  We even threw together a last minute egg hunt!  The students enjoyed all of the treats and goodies that were sent in as well.  I have only one picture of it unfortunately. I lost my memory card! (A.K.A. I left it in my computer at home which I realized later!!! Grr!!)  So I could only take one picture!!!
Thanks again to all of the parents who worked so hard to make this party and all of our parties a hit this year! 


Anonymous said...

I don't comment much, but I do read your posts. Thank you for all of the extras you put in to your lessons! Cori

Katie Shininger said...

Thanks so much, Cori! That's what makes it fun for me too! :-) I'm glad to you look at the pics and read it!

Stephanie said...

Bummer about the memory card! I did that on Easter Sunday. I left the house with my camera in hand, but the memory card was still in my laptop. I might have some though from the easter egg hunt. If I do I'll e-mail them to you. I just loved that flower experiment you did with the rainbow colors and the picture that Heidi drew.

Katie Shininger said...

Thank you! If you do that would be great! :-) I'm so happy you liked them!