Friday, October 21, 2011

What We Blurt Can Really Hurt!

In our class meeting, I introduced my students to Sam. I explained to them that he is a kindergartener that goes to a different school and he isn't very well liked by his classmates.

I asked the students to think of comments they might hear that would hurt Sam's feelings. As the students shared examples, they crumbled a section of Sam.

We continued this until Sam was all crumbled up!

Then we discussed how bad Sam was feeling and how they would feel from the hurtful comments. I asked the students to share things they could say to Sam so he would KNOW he was important and that we respected him. With each example, I had the students help me smooth out the paper, but....

we discovered that the hurtful comments made Sam different now. No matter how hard we tried (and we tried really hard) to take back the hurtful comments and say that we were sorry, the comments still hurt Sam.

The students decided that we should make sure our comments are respectful at all times. Sam is a part of our classroom now and will serve as a constant reminder to us that we will always think before we speak.

I found this great idea online, but I can't locate where it is! I'll be sure to give credit when I can find it.

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