Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Theme Classroom Decorations

I'm getting so excited for a new year! My classroom is coming together just the way I would like it to. It had me thinking back to all of the other fun themes I have done in the past. I will be posting pictures of my classroom this year soon, but I've still got a couple things to get together before posting. For now, take a peek at my fifth grade classroom back in 2008! It was one of my favorite years teaching! Probably because I was in the same grade for two years!

We had to post the MAP terms somewhere in our rooms so I put them on my plates and used the plaid fabric and stapled the plates and napkins to the bulletin board. I hot glued the plastic forks to the napkins. My suggestion pot and the popcorn bin where for our class-meetings. My bathroom passes were ketchup and mustard bottles which students would place on their desk when they left the room. I found the cookie font online and just printed the letters on brown paper. I purchased recipe cards and wrote the students' names on those for my hallway display. My "Look What's Popping Up!" board next to the word wall had page protectors glued to the butcher paper so students could post whatever work they wanted to brag about. My husband even uses this idea in high school. I found a lot of great reading posters from Upstart. It was a fun theme because I could purchase spoons and things at the dollar store to hang up.

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